What are your turn around times?

Not all wristbands are created equal, some take a bit more love and care to make than others. Below is the average turn around time on all our products.

Tyvek Plain * same day express shipping
Tyvek Custom * 100 – 500 about 1-2 days * 500 – 1000 2-3 days * 1000+ 5-7 days
Silicone * 100+ 7-10 days
Plastic Clip Plain * same day express shipping
Plastic Clip Custom * 10-14 Days
Woven * 10-14 Days
Slap * 14-16 Days

What are the minimum order quantities for wristbands?

Tyvek Plain * 100 per colour
Tyvek Custom * 100
Silicone * 100
Plastic Clip Plain * 100
Plastic Clip Custom * 100
Woven * 500
Slap * 1000

Will I get to see what my wristbands look like before print?

Yes of course, our experienced graphic design team will send over your artwork within a few hours of submitting an order.

Can I pick my order up?

Our dispatch office is located in Melbourne so give us a call if you need something in a hurry & we should be able to help you out

Can you express deliver to my location?

Of course, express delivery and tracking is kind of our thing. Available Australia wide.

Can I comprise my wristband order of different colours?

You can, 99% of the time it won’t incur any further costs but we’ll let you know if it needs a bit of more attention than normal.

Are my wristbands safe and secure?

Our admission wristbands are world class in security, if you require something a bit more unique than your average band, ask us – we have some special products for the most discerning of customers

How do I evoke the same day turn around service?

If you require something urgently please give us a call and we’ll let you know sending schedules for that day.

Do you ship orders internationally?

For our more abroad customers, we can ship internationally. Please let us know if you have international shipping requirements.

How can I pay?

For payment we accept VISA/ MASTERCARD / EFT & PAYPAL. If you decide to pick up your wristbands we also accept cash on arrival.