Woven Wristbands

A woven wristband is a cost-effective, eco-friendly marketing tool that appeals to all demographics. It serves as excellent promotional material for your brand, business or product and is bound to be an instant hit. Our woven wristbands can also be customised to have a reusable bead closure, making for a memorable keepsake. Choose a product below to get started with a quote.

Deluxe Woven

Threaded Woven

Eco Woven Bands

Woven wristbands are a high-quality event admission ID product that also provides value as a souvenir, promoting your event or cause for the days, weeks and months that follow. Woven wristbands offer the highest security, being non-transferable and extremely difficult to replicate; we can confidently say that this product is next to impossible to forge. Apart from providing excellent security, fabric wristbands are incredibly durable and suitable for all conditions- wet and dry. CustomWristband.com.au offers fabric wristbands that can withstand continued wear and tear while maintaining their security and high-quality print, making them especially suited to multi-day events.

Woven wristbands are comfortable and lightweight, making them easy to put on and take off whenever necessary. They can be a fantastic promotional product at seminars, conferences, tech fairs or business meetings. You can also include it as part of a marketing package and hand it out at events.

Our woven wristbands feature the following:

  • Deluxe Wristband. These wristbands are manufactured using dye-sublimation printing
  • Threaded Wristband. The wristbands are made of individual-coloured threads or fabric.
  • Eco Wristband. These bands are made from recycled plastic (Polyethylene terephthalate) and meet Global Recycled Standards (GRS) 4.0.
  • One Size Fits All. All our woven wristbands are available in a 15mm x 350mm in size.
  • Customisable. You can customise the wristband with any artwork and text of your choice.
  • 100% safe and secure. The wristbands sport metal clamps or barrel lock fasteners, which ensure the bands don’t come off.