Plastic Clip Wristbands’s selection provides a secure, practical, weatherproof and cost-effective way to identify patrons and control access to any event you’re organising. Plastic wristbands are designed so you can relax and focus on the more important things. Choose a product below to get started with a quote.

Plain Plastic Clip

Custom Plastic Clip

When organising a one-off ticketed event, plastic clip wristbands are a simple, reliable and secure option that guarantees advanced security. offers plastic wristbands ideal for one or multi-day events such as festivals, parties, concerts, aquatic centres or theme parks.

These wristbands have plastic clip/snap fasteners that can be easily adjusted to fit different wrist sizes. They also offer comprehensive water resistance, ensuring they stay intact throughout an event, even if attendees are sweating or get caught in the rain.

Our plastic clip wristbands are customisable as we offer various colours, designs, and fonts, making them a favourite choice for event organisers. You can display your brand on our high-quality bands using our uploadable artwork and text options. Our design range offers custom options, including advanced materials like Yupo®, Polyart® paper or plastic varieties, ideal for an eye-catching look.

Our plastic wristbands are:

  • Durable.
  • Tamper-resistant.
  • Tearproof.